pinoypixel game developer blog by Joey Albert Abano

Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Welcome to Pinoypixel

Monday of February 01, 2016

Pinoypixel is my personal game development blog. It contain trial, demo and some finished prototypes. As a starting game developer and hobbiest I develop games only during spare time, thus limiting the types of projects I can work on. Most of the games that I develop are done using Construct 2 which has a Html5 core engine. Some games posted might also be written in Unity or in Flash.

This blog basically contains my journey and learnings in developing games using Scirra Construct 2 and Unity 5. Eventually I might try to use new tools along the way.

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