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Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Reduce.. Reduce.. Reduce..

Saturday of March 05, 2016

Reduce, reduce and reduce the project until the core game play. Drop the optional features and display what really makes the game enjoyable. These statements are easier said than done, and I am sure a lot of blog discussion is already written about this so I won't rephrase their details. Everyone wants to build their own dream game, who doesn't? I'll discuss game development in a different approach. Making games or any project is like going to a battle, you need to define your objectives and assess if you achieve these objectives. You have a limited set of resources which are the following:

  1. time (most people thinks they have a lot of these)
  2. capability (whether you are an artist or developer)
  3. experience (experience and judgement do pay off)

As I start writing and doing this hobby, I will be releasing a couple of half baked games due to time, capability and experience issues. But for every release I will be discussing my Project Objectives, Game Features and Production Time. These metrics can help me assess my future projects.

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