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Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Maintaining game simplicity

Saturday of October 08, 2016

Very often we are blinded by the grandeur of Triple-A games. We try to explore a world  beyond our own and eventually realizing that it was a foolish strive. For a starting indie developer this is a constant personal struggle, ensuring that games remain viable and do-able. In all aspects of work knowing one's skills and gaps are the key for a successful delivery, such concept also applies to game development. In creating great games we should try to define what a great game is, at least to a personal level. Below is my list of what a great game is.

  1. Great games are simple
  2. Players should feel good while playing the game
  3. Graphic consistency should be valued
  4. Live-or-Die in the first two-minutes
  5. Games should be sticky

As a developer, never under estimate the difficulty in making graphics. As an artist, never under estimate the difficulty of writing the codes

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