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Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Yearend twenty sixteen

Saturday of December 31, 2016


It has been a year since Pinoypixel started. Not much was moved and discussed due to other work priorities. I have tried to get a hold of the game development industry by starting this blog site. It also allows me to collate and share some of my limited learnings as I go through the #indiegamedev journey.

Seeing the Philippine Game Development Community being visible this 2016, it really inspires me to do more this upcoming year 2017. I have noted a few article regarding the indie game development community, Filipino game in Tokyo Game Show and in ESGS. I have met a few of them in 2014 here in Singapore Casual Connect Asia, back then we have submitted a casual puzzle game title Core, and tried to push a simple development studio called Jyoru Games due to mixed priorities not much was pushed through.

As the year ends and starts a new, I plan and commit to write an entry every weekend for Pinoypixel Blog post. Hopefully it will boost my enthusiasm and motivation to push in creating better Filipino theme HTML5 games.


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