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Construct 2: Game template, controls

Friday of January 13, 2017


Game controller is the foundation of a good video game. Controllers are the sole input device or the only bridge between the game and the user. Creating a flexible template for controllers is really important. Pinoypixel games targets pc and mobile devices, thus switching controller experience is a must.

Construct 2 handles various plugins for a good game controller experience. Basically it has four types of input modes Keyboard, Mouse, Touch and Gamepad. Keyboards are a given since most desktops have them. Mouse and Touch have overlapping functions but for my control template, I settled for using touch events and dropped mouse specific features. Gamepad support is a big plus for Scirra, since it allows games to be deployed to popular consoles such as Nintendo and XBox. Gamepad also gives serious players more freedom to enjoy ones game.

  1. Keyboard

    While playing my games in the PC I would definity incline my players to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, unless they need to do a selection such as in the menu. Menu selection via directional button is also important since it help players to keep their hands in the keyboard. It is a good design not to force players in using the mouse, unless needed. In creating a keyboard template, I have assigned the Arrow keys and ADWS keys as the directional triggers. I have also assigned three control keys to P/E/Space , O/R/Shift and I/T/Ctrl. At this point I have decided to limit Pinoypixel games to use a maximum of three control keys. Less control keys reduce complexity, but is enough to add diversity in gameplay.

  2. Touch: D-Pad and Control Buttons

    Touch with d-pad and control buttons are catered to allow mobile compatibility. The d-pad and control buttons mimic the keyboard input in a way, that it just maps the specific movement and control functions. Similar to keyboard the d-pad will trigger directional functions, while screen button are used to trigger control functions.

  3. Mouse and Touch: Gesture and Swipes

    Mouse and touch with gesture and swipes. Unlike the previous functions, this forces players to use the mouse and touch swipes. I wouldn't frequently use this feature since it limits my deployed platforms, but I could say that this control system is fun in touch screen devices.

  4. Gamepad

    Gamepad control system will be implemented similar to keyboards in a way that it is a one-to-one function mapping. Catering gamepad is a good to have function since it adds input diversity.


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