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Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Why purchase game assets?

Friday of January 27, 2017


Pinoypixel is a low cost independent game development blog center. It basically just consist of me and my wife. We normally purchase assets! Yes we do purchase our assets and at times we customized them based on our requirements. Despite naming it Pinoypixel, we focused more in technical development rather than creation of graphic content.

For independent developers, knowing ones skill and talent is key to producing acceptable products. Focusing on core skill reduces time and effort. Thus for this entry we are focusing on why developers or us pinoypixel should purchasing assets in website such as and gamedevmarket is more realistic, instead on manually creating them.

If you are a bum and have no fulltime work, or if you wanted to be an artist this advice is not for you. Otherwise it is better to do better on what you are good at and focus on your full time work. If you have the money then hire an artist or purchase an assets. Below are the key reason on why we personally prefer on buying game assets.

  1. Cheaper

    Publicly sold graphics are relatively cheaper since they sell in volume. For us we feel that it really doesn't matter if this assets are used in other games. Customized assets are more expensive and adds overhead to overall development cost.

  2. Ready

    As you see in the market, these assets are ready to be used. Most are lacking but relatively available. Immediately testing the asset is very important since it will identify if you are motivated in pursuing the project.

  3. Value of time

    Pinoypixel is as a part time hobby, thus the amount of time and work to spend in doing this project is important. Artist specialize on graphics and have been doing it for a period longer than us. It is also economical to hire someone at a better rate than doing it by oneself.

  4. Purchase a single theme

    The team behind this project is decent in generating pixel art graphical works. Thus purchasing pixel art graphics is a go for us. Buying and reusing assets is a must for small game developement entusiast. Mutual themed artwork allow the ability to reuse designs and thus reducing effort.

  5. Focus in gameplay

    You are building a game and not a graphic artwork. Focus in gameplay and let the artist focus on the graphics.


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