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Designing Platformer Games, Level Design

Friday of February 17, 2017

Platformer games dominates most of the gaming market. Most indie game developer started with platformer games. I start with this post by discussing how Pinoypixel tackles or stumbles on platformer game level design.

We would be discussing Pinoypixel games by referencing and adding a few details from this devmag how to design levels - blog post. Minero is our first Pinoypixel platformer project prototype, and is our starting point in developing future Pinoypixel platformer games. Below are this things we have note of while building platformer games.


Defining gameplay and artwork theme is key in starting a platformer game. It will dictate the flow of events and the type of mechanics one can put into. Pinoypixel will stick into pixel art graphic theme and gameplay will varies depending on the type of games we try to build.

Layout types

There are various layout types for platformer games. These type are important and would also serve as templates for other game types. A few of these layouts are ditch, high ground, narrow c-space, walled, locked and key, fall trap, moving platform, switched platform, water ditch, waterfalls and more.

Rough layout

Drawing the entire layout by paper is very important. For us we tried to directly sketch the layout since we already have a pre-defined layouts.

Sketch layout

Build the entire layout.

Full path layout

Predicting user flow is important in platformer games. The flow indicates the user experience and engagement.

Actual layout

Finally build the actual layout.

Play level

Play the game and check the mechanics. Mechanics involved such as double jump, jump-thru, walled area, locked doors, wall jumping path and others.

Detailed layout

Lastly if the game feel is good, you can further add the other game details. Such as art effects, boss conversation, tutorial notice and monsters.


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