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Pixelart: Reusable artwork and design

Friday of March 24, 2017


Artwork wasn't always my expertise, thus this is one of my stumbling blocks in game development. This topic is how we maximize and reuse our purchased assets.

Time is a scare resource for a part time gamedev, thus if we can reuse and save resources it is more than welcome. Reused resources allows various benifits such as the following:

  • Greatly reduced effort in creating artwork
  • Familiarity, increase artwork productivity
  • Common players will easily grasp the game

As well as a few disadvantages:

  • Monotonous, game might look the same
  • Limited game type, pertaining to reused artwork
  • Reduced interest

Nevertheless there are always drawbacks on certain benifits, in the end it is good to do things that works for you. Read more on our learning and approach on how we build pinoypixel under reusable assets.

Choose your art style

Whether if its pixelart, vector or 3d. Identify your goal artwork for your games, this will set a benchmark on your future projects. This is also requires you to take in consideration your resources. Based on our skillsets we ended up picking pixelart due to its simplicity and minimal required development softwares. Vector and 3d artworks require us to use stable softwares such as illustrator, 3dmax or maya or google sketchup.

Learn how to revise

Buying assets doesn't mean that you already stopped creating assets. Assets purchasing only sets up the benchmark or a kickoff points for your assets. For us we tried our best or learn how to do proper pixelart works as well as how we can improve our purchased products.

Purchase consistent assets

You don't want your game to feel like every part is bought from different vendors. There should be a coherent artwork framework, each of the objects complementing the other. We have chose pixelart because it is quite accessible for us to build and match coherent assets.

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