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Pinoypixel is a game development blog. This site contains casual filipino themed web and mobile indie games. Most of the projects would be in alpha or beta stages, sourcing from gamejams, test prototypes or just plain adhoc dumps.

Updates and changes for June 2017

Friday of July 07, 2017

A few update on the the site, for the month of June. Looking for forward I might not be able to update this blog frequently due to my new project at work. We will see if things turn out ok and I can squeeze some time in writing something. Nevertheless this month's topic is listed below.

Replaced a dash board home page

Improve dashboard page and added some fixes. I have listed a few of the changes and improvements.

  • Improved modal window by having an adaptive height and width.
  • Created a dashboard that showcase all the games.
  • Fixed some broken links in the dashboard.
  • Improve the dashboard to be mobile readable and compatible.

Multiplayer experiment

To summarize my experiment Websocket are hard to maintains, Multiplayer plugin is hard to test. Settle for passive ajax non-realtime multiplayer game. Creating multiplayer games is the dream of some developers, but wanting and not knowing is entirely different kind of beast.

Platformer and top view template improvements

As I always say template improvements are a must in creating volume projects.

Created a clone in wordpress

Visit my wordpress pinoypixel website at Basically the site is a simplified version or a reference version of this website.

Cleaning blog post

Ones in a while I would go back to read my old post and change how I wrote things. I would also add a few sentences to clear up things.


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